Monday, August 13, 2007


College and Career Success

Ellis, Dave. Becoming A Master Student, 11th Edition. LB2343.3 E44 2006.

From the book cover: You will learn hundreds of practical study techniques--such as anti-procrastination skills, test-taking skills, Muscle Reading, concept mapping, goal setting, critical thinking, and much more.

Santrock, John W. and Halonen, Jane S. Your Guide to College Success. LB2343.32 .S26 2008.

From the catalog: Their "secret" is a proven, effective model incorporating six achievable goals that are essential to college success: clarify values, build competence, manage your life, expand your resources, know yourself, and create your future.

Farr, J. Michael. Best Jobs for the 21st Century. HF5381.15 .F37 2006.

From the catalog: This resource for those facing career decisions (as well as their advisors) contains up-to-date information on more than 500 of the most promising jobs for the 21st century. Ranked by earnings, expected growth through 2012, and annual openings, these jobs encompass all education levels and a wide range of fields and industries.

La Shawn, Samuel. Preparing for Success in Corporate America. JF5382.7 .S268x 2006.

From the book cover: This guide is a must for college students and was designed to help them understand the active role they must take in planning for life after college and the steps required to posture themselves for corporate success.

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