Friday, June 5, 2009

fossils, teeth, and eggs!!!

We have a new display in the library showcasing fossils. The display includes teeth from fish like the giant C. megalodon and from vertebrates like the horse, bison, and elephant.

We also have on display some ostrich eggs, which are roughly the same size as dinosaur eggs would have been.

The display is courtesy of Dr. William Straight, Professor of Geology here at NOVA Loudoun. His paper, BONE LESIONS IN HADROSAURS: COMPUTED TOMOGRAPHIC IMAGING AS A GUIDE FOR PALEOHISTOLOGIC AND STABLE-ISOTOPIC ANALYSIS, is now published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology. Check out the press release for more details. You can access the whole article through the BioOne database available through the library. It is listed in our Articles database under Natural Sciences and Math collection. A printed copy is also available in the library with the display.

See guys, our professors know what they are talking about :)

So come on in and check it out!!!

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